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Maternity referrals and information

Here you will find referrals and information for maternity. If you have any issues, please contact 

For patient information pamphlets, please refer to the Patient Infomation page.()

For Day Assessment Unit referrals and information, check here.

For Fertility Plus referrals and information, check here.()()

For Maternal Diabetes referrals and information, check here().


Referral emails

We now no longer use fax. If you are not sure of the appropriate email address, please send your referral to


Referral forms

Please note, for PDF files you will an Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer to fill. Note – the NHI and patient name details must be completed on the form or the Scan Centre can’t process it.


Referral forms()()

Pathways, guidelines, policies


SUDI Prevention

All staff should complete their Pēpi-pod distribution training. Get in touch with the SUDI coordinator for more information, at

Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

The Women’s Health Directorate at Te Toka Tumai Auckland Hospital provides a new and enhanced programme for publicly funded pregnancy and parenting education. The service is for all women expecting their first baby, their partners and whanau.

If you would like to find out more about our Pregnancy and Parenting Education classes, take a look at The Pregnancy and Parenting Healthpoint page()()

If you have any questions, please contact Leah Broughton-Couch, Pregnancy & Parenting Education Service Manager