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Tiro Waha Kōpū | Colposcopy and vulva clinic

Colposcopy service

Our colposcopy outpatient service (meaning you do not have to stay in hospital) for the women of central Auckland is provided at Greenlane Clinical Centre.

A colposcopy examination is usually carried out on women whose smear test results need to be looked into more. It uses a special magnifying instrument to take a closer look at the vagina and cervix.

For information on what to expect during your colposcopy, take a look at the Time to Screen information on having a colposcopy.()

Vulva clinic

From the same facilities, our Vulva Specialty Clinic [PDF, 336 KB] provides care for women from Auckland and other parts of New Zealand with conditions of the vagina and vulva area. 

Our aim at your first appointment in the clinic is to make a diagnosis and plan for your treatment. You are welcome to bring a support person with you when you visit the clinic. They can be with you during talks about your care or any procedures, such as:

Accessing our services

To access these services you will need a referral from your GP. You cannot self-refer. For more information, see our page on getting an appointment.

Location: Level 5, Building 4, Greenlane Clinical Centre

Phone: (09) 631 0756.