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COVID-19 response

Information for women

Screening forms


Some women will remain anxious and decline laboratory screening. In this situation, especially in women with risk factors, or if you have significant clinical concern a woman has GDM despite an earlier non-diagnostic test, you may choose to start capillary glucose monitoring. We have attached useful information you can give to women if you do start them testing.

Please note: if you have not performed a diagnostic laboratory test, only refer women to our maternity diabetes service if the monitoring, over several days or a week, shows glucose elevations. 

Please call Dr Janet Rowan for advice if you have queries (0211662988)

Screening for GDM during Covid-19 [PDF, 546 KB]

Instructions for women on how to measure sugar levels accurately [DOCX, 23 KB]

Information for LMCs

If you haven’t already collected a PPE pack, there is one available for each LMC in the CNM office on LBS. We have equipment for further packs on order (as well as disinfectant wipes) and as soon as this arrives packs will be made up and you will be notified by email when they are ready for collection.

Click here for the primary care algorithm. [PDF, 389 KB]